Welcome to Bauer Hockey Training Center

Bauer Hockey Training Center is a high paced off-ice training center and is located at Iceworks, in Aston, PA.

Bauer Hockey Training Center (BHTC) utilizes the world's finest synthetic skating treadmill, "Infinity Ice", the premier skating treadmill in the country. See what make us "the only place to accelerate your game!"

What makes us fast: The Infinity Ice, the largest, quietist and most efficient synthetic skating treadmill in the world. Our training center has a machine that boasts a skating surface spaning an amazing 87.4" x 96", surrounded by puck handling surfaces giving the skater 12 feet of training area. With a top speed of 20MPH you'll have to be extremely fast to keep up! Check out the pictures of our treadmill in our photo gallery or some live action in our video showcase section.

BHTC also has the "Infinity Ice Motion Analysis" computer system. This state of the art system gives the skater instant feedback as one of our experienced Bauer Hockey Coaches analyze your video clips and make any changes needed to help take you to a whole new level of speed and explosive power!

Skating Treadmill Benefits:

This isn't a video game, you can't sit at home to make this happen, you have to come down to Iceworks and get on our treadmill. Put down the game controller and get your skates over to Bauer Hockey Training Center!

If you have any questions or would like to book a session please contact us.

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